Moving Forward with our Suppliers

The Clarks group of companies attaches real importance to the welfare of our employees and those employed by our suppliers. We are committed to maintaining our reputation for fair dealing and retaining the confidence our consumers have in the Clarks brand.

While we undertake most of the design and development of our products ourselves, we outsource the manufacturing of all our products. We believe it is our responsibility to know and understand the welfare and working conditions of those who make Clarks shoes. We do this by auditing and assessing our supplier factories.

The information gathered through these audits informs our sourcing decisions and helps us work with our suppliers to ensure the high standards we expect in our products are reflected in the working environments in which they are made.

Clarks Audit Standards

Our Code of Practice sets the standards for the way we expect our suppliers to operate in the production of Clarks products. It requires compliance with all local legal and regulatory requirements and supports the core labour principles of the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions.

We request suppliers to sign a copy of our Code of Practice to acknowledge they have read and understood it. Compliance with our Code of Practice forms part of our template trading terms and conditions for the purchase of goods.

A copy of Clarks Code of Practice is available here

Managing Non Compliance

In an instance of non-compliance, we aim to work with the supplier factory to develop a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). We believe that long term relationships offer the most benefit for the Clarks business and the people who make our shoes. We do not just walk away from a supplier without first assessing what and how improvements could be made. However, in instances of continuous non-compliance and no evidence or willingness to adhere to a corrective action plan, termination of the relationship remains the final sanction.


Our audit programme currently covers factories producing nearly all of Clarks footwear and handbags in locations around the world and includes assessment of social, labour, and health and safety standards. The majority of our products are made in Vietnam, China, Cambodia and India with additional production taking place in Indonesia, Nicaragua, Bangladesh and within Europe.

We also undertake audits of key Clarks nominated second tier material and component suppliers. This currently includes selected tanneries and sole unit suppliers. The audits have covered those facilities that supply approximately 80% of the volume of these materials from Clarks nominated suppliers.

Support and Development

Beyond our audit programme, we aim to support suppliers and factories in making improvements to working conditions. This encompasses informal and formal training inputs undertaken with individual factories and across all suppliers. This includes training workshops on employment conditions and various aspects of health and safety requirements attended by representatives from our supplier factories in each of our main sourcing locations.

The majority of the workers in our supplier factories are women. The Clarks business has supported and sponsored the delivery of the HERhealth project in some of our suppliers in Vietnam, Cambodia and India.This provides in-factory women's health education.

For further information on any aspect of our Behaving Responsibly programme, please contact: