An Extraordinary Opportunity

Become a Clarks Franchisee

Step into our shoes

Become a part of something extraordinary.

With an unrivalled global footprint and the world's No. 1 name in everyday footwear, our sales are in excess of £1.4billion. Yet perhaps you didn't know that you could also share in this success?

The Clarks brand goes back nearly two centuries and, over the past 27 years, a growing number of franchisees have been key to our growth.

A Growing Footprint

Global expansion through a rare mix of originality, heritage, expertise and style insight.

Our extraordinary consumer appeal, and the unique brand loyalty we inspire, spans all age groups with millions of men, women and children the world over feeling good, and looking good, in Clarks shoes.

We may have been around since 1825 but we are very much a brand of today. Quite an achievement in an industry that demands style that is always fresh and relevant. When you take up a Clarks franchise you are tapping into a history of unrivalled longevity and success.

Tailor-made Franchisee Support

We're with you every step of the way.

Fun, innovation and spirit are the driving brand philosophies of Clarks and we apply these philosophies with passion to the way we support our franchisees and the business objectives they wish to achieve.

We sell three pairs of shoes every two seconds, every hour of every day. So the potential for you is huge.

If you share our passion and brand values and are open to a world of opportunity, now is the time to partner with a brand like no other.