Progress on responsible materials

Material selection is a key area which affects the overall product. At Clarks, we are committed to driving positive social and environmental impacts through our material supply chain, while also educating and building awareness within our internal product teams, enabling them to understand the impacts and opportunities in materials.

Leather is a core material for Clarks, and that’s why we actively participate in groups like the Leather Working Group, which progresses environmental standards within the tanning industry.

Beyond leather, where possible, we are working to switch to lower impact materials. Primarily our focus has been on integrating recycled materials into our products, and many of our soles contain at least 5% recycled material from production scraps, which helps our suppliers reduce waste in the manufacturing process. In addition, we have focused on integrating recycled materials from both pre and post-consumer waste streams into many of the core components we use to build our shoes, while still retaining our focus on creating quality products. We’re also helping to turn plastic waste into new fabrics by sourcing recycled polyester and integrating it into many of our linings, particularly in our kids footwear, and experimenting with more innovative materials, such as Bloom Algae Foams, as part of our constant quest to research, test and trial a wide range of more responsible fabrics.

We’re also proud to be members of the Textile Exchange, an organisation that supports brands engaging with responsible materials.

Learn more about where these materials are used in our products here.