Support for suppliers

Our long history of supporting the communities in which we work, today extends to the communities in which our suppliers are located. Clarks has always placed importance on supporting planet and people, enabling communities to live happy, healthy lives. This means that within our supplier communities, we partner with several organisations dedicated to making real, tangible and lasting difference.

Cancer Screening

Since 2016, we have helped a key supplier in India to provide employees with mammogram and pap smear cancer screening services not otherwise available at their facilities. This has been undertaken by the Penn Nalam Hospital, which operates a fully equipped mobile unit. Further support is also given to any employees needing further tests or treatment as a result of the screening.
Read more about the work undertaken by the Penn Nalam Hospital here.

Road Safety respectively

During 2018, we worked with Better Factories Cambodia and a number of other brands to support a pilot programme in Cambodia to provide training and improve road safety for factory workers.