Unstructured by Clarks

Unstructured by Clarks

Escape the familiar and feel the freedom to embrace unexpected adventures. Unstructured by Clarks gives you the comfort to make every day extraordinary.

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Unstructured builds in the comfort to pursue passions, the flexibility to explore and the science to enhance the life you lead.

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Inspired by a world that stirs us to explore its beautiful and changing landscapes, New York-based photographer Jeffrey Milstein created our seasonal imagery shot from the sky. Discussing his obsession for photography and exploration, we learn of his drive to put more in to the life he leads to get more out of his passions.

Un Adorn Lace Aubergine

A versatile sport-inspired travel shoe, Un Adorn has a leather insole that shapes to the foot for a uniquely cushioned fit. Perfect for adventures in absolute comfort.

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Un Rise Lo Dark Tan

Un Rise is a sport-inspired profile with Cushion Max technology delivering shock-absorbing cushioning and anti-friction linings for all-day comfort, every day.

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Principles of Unstructured

Use of technology to make you feel more confortable

Science Behind the Style

Tailored technology for enhanced wellbeing

Unstructured redefine everyday confort

Refined Comfort

Considered materials wrap the foot in comfort

Flexible to explore with no limits

Maximised Movement

Designed for the flexibility to explore

Science behind the style

Cushioning technology Clarks Cushion Max
Wavewalk soles save your energy to make you go furhter
Stay dry with Clarks' waterproof technology

Jeffrey Milstein

Aerial Photographer

As an artist in his seventies, Jeffrey Milstein is living his passions. Even when he’s shooting from high in the sky, he finds comfort in the life he leads. We spoke to him about his life and his inspiration.

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Part artist, part entrepreneur I find innate pleasure in patterns, framing and classical order and enjoy exploring the principles of good art. I played with my passion for the geometric when I trained as an architect, approaching my drafts from a creative, artistic stance and focusing on symmetry, order and patterns. I’m a Renaissance man: part artist, part entrepreneur in love with visual things.

My father was an artist and inventor. My father taught me early on how to draw – he was one of my greatest creative influences. He was an artist and inventor, and when I graduated high school he gave me a camera, which I used to capture images. That camera combined with my interest in aviation ignited my passion for adventure and started me down my path of art and photography.

A different perspective. Now, as a photographic artist, I explore symmetry, order and patterns from the air. I love to see how cities change and landscapes evolve. From a small plane or helicopter, flying low, I get to see things from a different perspective, see how things connect. I find it fascinating all the things you can see from looking down, all you can learn about a city and how it plays with the landscape.

Connecting environments. From the sky, I can see how everything is connected – there’s so much beauty on the planet, but our Earth is also very vulnerable. I want my photographs to help people think about how society changes on a global scale.

Unstructured by Clarks