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Welcome to Playprints World

Meet Your Playprints Heroes


Age: 17

Species: Aqua Alicorn

Homeland: Shimmer Lagoon

Super power: Underwater access

Likes: Protecting marine life, exploring, dancing, pop music


Age: 14

Species: Woodland Fairy

Homeland: Magic Falls

Super power: Shrinkability

Likes: Swimming, camping, adventuring, playing the guitar


Age: 25

Species: Cheetah

Homeland: Sandy Flats

Super power: Super speed

Likes: Athletics, breakdancing, yoga, grime music


Age: 60 million years

Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Homeland: The Forgotten Forest

Super power: Mega strength

Likes: Old-school hip hop, extreme sports, skating, bling

Ultra light like Maple

Shine bright like Esme

In the real world, kids can keep making their mark wearing new PLAYPRINTS styles designed for endless fun in the sun. Premium materials and flexible, fun print soles inspired by their favourite PLAYPRINTS characters keep their growing feet super comfy with every magnificent skip, jump and stride. Which character will they choose?

Totally tough like Rex

Super speedy like Clowder

The PLAYPRINTS heroes are back, and they need your help! Just when we thought they’d restored harmony to the Magic Kingdom, a gigantic green monster brings chaos to the land! Can they save the day? Join them on their funtastical adventure in PLAYPRINTS Worlds on Roblox now.

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