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A pile of wallabee shoes and boots | Shop Wallabees
Clarks Originals | Wallabee Day | April 26

Worn by the world – the Wallabee is a shoe that changed the shape of footwear.

With its unprecedented foot-shaped toe, true moccasin construction and spongy natural crepe sole, the Wallabee, as with all Clarks shoes, was created with ultimate comfort in mind. But what has taken this shoe from its humble Somerset beginnings to its iconic status on the world stage are the communities that have adopted, adapted, and embraced the shoe.

Since 1968, the Wallabee has become a staple – from the football terraces of the UK to the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. It is as at home in the dance halls of Jamaica as it is in the school halls of England. The Wallabee has adorned album covers of hip-hop royalty and Britpop legends – but no matter who wears it, this king of casual footwear is always a natural fit. For the inaugural Wallabee Day, we want to celebrate the adapters, the adopters, and those who have taken one of footwear’s most beautiful blank canvases and put their spin on it.

Clarks Originals | Wallabee Day | April 26
Raekwon sat wearing wallabees
View of Raekwon through the camera monitor
Raekwon sat facing the camera in wallabees
Close up of Raekwon's wallabees

We need to have a Wallabee Day. We need to be able to say today is the day everybody throws their joints on – Raekwon

A pile of wallabees in front of a green background | Shop Wallabees
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Wallabees piled in front of a grey background | Shop Wallabees

Wallabees their way

Throughout April, we will open up to the community of Wallabee lovers – offering a chance for them to submit Wallabees their way. This could be Wallabee-inspired art, photography, animation, or even the ultimate fit pic. All those who submit Wallabees their way will be entered to win a pair of some of our most coveted collabs from partners including Vandy the Pink and Shaun Crawford, plus a mystery box of special Wallabees.

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