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Wide Feet Shoe Guide

If you have wide feet, then you probably know all about the struggle of finding shoes that fit. Your shoes may fit perfectly in length, but if your toes feel crammed in and uncomfortable, it’s likely that your feet are on the wider side.

If trying on shoes often feels like a true Cinderella ugly step sister moment, then our wide fit shoe guide is for you. Find out all you need to know about wide feet, including how to find the right fit and which Clarks’ wide fit shoes are the best for you.

How do I know if I have wide feet?

Uncomfortable, badly fitting shoes are the first indicator that you have wide feet. If your feet feel cased-in in every pair of shoes, spill out of flip-flops or sandals and often ache or develop blisters, it’s time to get measuring.

How to measure your feet

You may not be able to tell if you have wide feet simply by looking at them, which is why measuring your feet is key! Our fit guide will help you figure out your shoe size, but to figure out your foot’s width, follow the steps below.

You will need:

  • One tape measure or ruler

  • A pen/paper or cellphone to record your results

How to measure the width of your feet:

  1. Stand with your feet flat on the floor

  2. Take your tape measure or ruler and measure across the ball of your foot—from the base of your big toe to the base of your little toe. Since this is the widest part of your foot, it will give you a good indicator of how wide your shoes need to be

  3. Repeat on the other foot (since your feet aren’t always the exact same size!)

  4. Record your results and then check out Clarks’ men’s wide fit shoes or women’s wide fit shoes to find your perfect pair.

Why do I have wide feet?

Having wide feet is nothing to worry about; most of the time, your wide feet are simply caused by genetics! If your feet have always been wide, chances are that you inherited them from your mom, dad or grandparents. However, if your wide feet are more of a recent development, there’s a chance that they may have expanded due to an environmental factor, such as obesity.

Best shoes for wide feet

With our range of wide fit shoes specially designed for your feet, uncomfortable shoes will soon become a thing of the past. Here are some of the best shoes for wide feet:

Best sandals for wide feet

If you find that your feet often spill out of regular sandals, it’s time to upgrade to a wider fit. Our Yacht Beach is effortlessly stylish, refreshingly comfortable and totally breathable, making it the perfect, practical style for school runs, dog walks and everything in between.

Best mules for wide feet

The epitome of smart casual, mules are the ideal versatile shoe, perfect for work, social events and more. When you have wide feet, the fit of slip-on shoes is extra important. Available in half sizes and both medium and wide widths, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for you.

You need a style that you can easily slip your feet into, like our Breeze Shore style. Available in a range of sizes (including half sizes), colors and patterns, the Breeze Shore will easily become your new favorite shoe.

Most comfortable high heels for wide feet

There’s nothing worse than ill-fitting high heels, so make sure you purchase a pair that are suitable for your wide feet. Available in black, white and coral, Clarks’ Freva55 Strap heels have a small, block heel that’s comfortable enough to wear all day! With wide fit options to choose from, you can be sure that these heels will fit you comfortably.

Best sneakers for wide feet

Sneakers are some of the best practical shoes, perfect for whatever your day throws at you. The last thing you want is uncomfortable, tight-fitting sneakers, so if you have wide feet, make sure you find a pair that are designed with your feet in mind. Our Nalle Lace sneakers are available in a wide fit to keep your feet comfortable yet supported. With different color and size options including half sizes, you’re guaranteed to get plenty of wear out of them.

How to find the right fit

Now you’ve found your perfect wide fit style, it’s time to check if they fit properly. Since you’ve already measured your feet, you’re off to a good start—but different shoe styles come in all shapes and sizes, so we recommend checking the fit before you go ahead and buy them. Here are just a few steps you can take to make sure you have the right fit:

  • Try your shoes on both feet – you may have one foot slightly wider than the other, so it’s important to check that both shoes fit nice and comfortably

  • Go shoe shopping in the afternoon – did you know that your feet swell throughout the day? Therefore, it’s best to try on your new shoes while your feet are at their widest

  • Do a walking test – we’re not saying you have to run a marathon in your new shoes, but a brisk walk up and down the store should be enough to get a feel for the fit

  • Make sure to wear socks – if you’re trying on a pair of shoes that you’d normally wear with socks, make sure you have a pair to hand so you can see how your shoes fit with the additional layer

At Clarks, many of our styles come in wide fit options to comfortably fit a variety of foot widths. To get inspired, explore our full collection of women’s shoes, or discover how to tell if your shoes are the right size.