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For the World Ahead

Originators, not imitators. It’s who we are, who we’ve always been. And to change the world of tomorrow, we’re doing things differently today.

When we move together, small steps become big strides. This season, we’re proud to collaborate with some incredible change-makers and ambassadors championing racial equality, mental health awareness, LGBTQ+ advocacy and family rights activism - giving our platform to the voices of these inspiring individuals who share our drive to create a better world.

With diverse backgrounds, careers and lifestyles, the Clarks Collective share a key passion: the determination to create authentic social change and make a difference today - and for the world ahead.

Because if 200 years of shoemaking has taught us anything, it’s that you have to stay true to your roots while staying true to tomorrow. And the future will be brighter if we stay out in front of it.

Learn more about how our group are making their mark right now, and for the future, in the videos below.

Meet Jamie Windust

Jamie Windust’s motto? It pays dividends to do things you enjoy and that make you happy. For the non-binary author, host and LGBTQ+ trailblazer, starting to prioritise the silly as well as the serious led to living their best life - writing for everyone from Gay Times to British GQ, as well as their own book In Their Shoes, which explores navigating non-binary living.

Jamie now joins our Clarks collective of social and style trailblazers, telling us about their own journey - from how their relationship between fashion expression and gender identity has evolved, to their glasses wardrobe, and how to wear socks (hint: always pull them up and please pretend pop socks don’t exist…)

Meet Basma Khalifa

From Sudan, born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Northern Ireland and Scotland, filmmaker, director and writer Basma Khalifa remembers growing up as one Black girl amongst white men and women. And for Basma, discovering what it means to be a Black woman has been a powerful journey ever since - from the sisterhood of Black female friendships and re-visiting her Saudi roots, to when she knew she’d found her freedom.

A passionate advocate for diversity and championing people’s stories, we’re excited for Basma to join our Clarks collective of change-makers. Join the Women for Women International ambassador as she talks to us about finding value in her voice - and her ultimate goal to create a pathway for more black female documentarians in the UK.

Meet Gabriella Wilde

The ‘shoulds’ of motherhood? Gabriella Wilde defies them. The actress, model, activist and mum of three has been challenging the expectations and pressures of working motherhood since navigating her return to the film set after her first child was born. Maturity, creativity, understanding, and working smarter: just a few of the benefits Gabriella sees in working mums - countering the negative assumptions that some mothers still experience in the workplace.

Passionate about supporting and empowering women at the formative time of new motherhood, Gabriella is an ambassador for UK charity Project Mama, who provide birth partners and holistic care for asylum-seeking, refugee and displaced women during pregnancy and after birth. And we’re thrilled that Gabriella now joins the Clarks collective to champion her philosophy and current work in the world of family and parenthood.

Meet Jeannie Jay Park

The power to be activists is within all of us. That’s Jeannie Jay Park’s philosophy. A first-generation Korean American, intersectional Asian rights activist, community organiser and model, breaking expectations of silence and stepping into her fullest, freest, and most creative self has been life-changing for Jeannie - with fashion being a key channel for expression and independence.

By expanding our horizons and uniting in our desire to cross borders together, we can all play a part in driving change - and in her own activism, Jeannie strives to represent and open doors for young Asian women. She joins the Clarks collective to champion her story and those of other Asian American women - as well as inspiring us all to ask what we can do to make a positive impact for the world ahead.

Meet Vas J Morgan

Writer, editor, founder and activist Vas J Morgan’s mission? To be the help he once didn’t have. From the challenges of growing up unaccepted as a Black gay man through to dealing with abuse on social media, Vas’s mental health struggles and journey to sobriety have inspired him to foster greater social support systems - so people facing similar difficulties today never feel alone.

Fighting for better education in Africa, creating inclusive social safe spaces in London, and making sure he represents life’s reality - the downs as well as the ups - online, Vas now joins the Clarks collective to share his passion for driving change in today’s world and building stronger, caring communities.