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In My Shoes With Ms Joyce K

Celebrity chef. Content creator. Entrepreneur. Joyce Kudia, otherwise known as Ms Joyce K, is a woman of many talents. From running a pop-up food stall in London’s Old Street and delighting supper club diners with her pan-African dishes to producing a feast for the eyes on TikTok and Instagram, Joyce knows a thing or two about great cooking.

For our latest In My Shoes chat, we sat down with Joyce to find out more about what inspires her and her foodie style. If that’s whetted your appetite - good news! We’ll be teaming up with Joyce later this year as part of our Instagram cooking series.

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Tell us about yourself, what made you get into the culinary field?

My love for food made me get into the culinary field. I never saw myself in the industry, but it happened organically. I’m so passionate about food. As much as it’s my career, it’s still one of my hobbies. When I’m relaxing, I’m usually watching a food-related show. I love having food discussions. Basically, I’m just obsessed!

What’s your cooking style, is your personality reflected in your dishes?

My cooking style really varies. I love to discover the different cooking techniques used by people around the world My personality reflects this; I’m outgoing and really interested in people’s stories, backgrounds and trying new things. This is something you’ll pick up from the variety you see on my page.

Talking of personality, how does this influence your style?

My personality influences my style of cooking. I would say it’s a little bit chaotic, free flowing, fun and far from boring. I don’t always do things the conventional way. I take risks and always produce food that’s visually appealing.

Do you have an ‘investment piece’?

I would say yes! A few bags I have are investment pieces as I love a classic look and buy pieces that I know will increase in value. Also a timeless timepiece. However the best investment pieces I’ve ever had are non materialistic but things that allow me to build on myself.

“My cooking style is free flowing, fun and far from boring. I don’t always do things the conventional way.”