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Kamilla with headphones on

In My Shoes With Kamilla

With her vibrant voice, rhythmic picks and community-spirited show, Kamilla Rose knows how to mix it up. As a Capital FM radio presenter and freelance producer, she’s a natural at switching from non-style swag to all-out bling. From rolling into the studio in her loungewear to glamming it up IRL, she takes every opportunity to keep it real, connecting with listeners all over the country with down-to-earth vibes. but how does she go from her casual ‘behind the microphone’ attire to striding out with statement style?

For our latest In My Shoes feature, we caught up with Kamilla and got to know the mother behind the mic. We chat it all out - why comfy clothes will always be a no.1 hit, why presenting and expression go hand in hand and how reaching people through radio always gives her the warm fuzzies.

Tell us about yourself… what makes you tick?

What makes me tick? That’s a super hard question. To be honest, it really depends on my mood. But one thing I do know is that I love speaking! Probably why I work as a presenter!

I like being able to connect with people on a daily basis whether that’s online, f2f (when Covid permits) or IRL. When on the radio, I loveeee when a random listener texts in or DMs about what’s going on in their world and we can have interaction.

That feeling is second to none! It does get kinda lonely in radio, you’re there chatting away sometimes thinking - is anyone listening? - then BAM you realise Jason in Sheffield has been tuned in. It’s a feeling which still gets me going even 7-8 years since I first started community radio!

Aside from radio, presenting as a whole is another way which allows me to communicate, whether it’s interviewing my favourite artists about their new album or reviewing a new film, it’s just the one for me!

Kamilla cheering while sitting on a chair at a radio studio

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

I’ve never been heavily into fashion - even pre-pandemic I was very much a dresser for comfort over fashion. So “style” for me has to embody some form of comfort. However, since the world has opened (albeit slightly) again I’ve really wanted to stray from comfy fits because 18 months of house clothes everyday hasn’t helped! So now I do make more of an effort with a cheeky heel or a dress. But now being pregnant I’ve defo slipped back into ‘Comfort is King’. Everyday hoodies for me.

I do however think there’s great power in a great pair of shoes, whether that’s a limited-edition statement trainer or a pair of lace up Orinoco boots - defo ways to turn heads while I’m busy ensuring I’m cosy!

How has your personal style changed over the years?

Since having my firstborn- who's now almost 4! When I look back at pre-baby pics I was a crop top bae! Now - defo not so much. I feel with age I’ve started to embrace more things which I would have perceived as more “adult” and I’m actually willing to wear heels now out for dinner or to a bar, whereas before it was trainers with everything - no matter the occasion.

I feel I’m a bit more risky with colours now. But more importantly, I’m really trying to buy items for longevity as opposed to fast fashion - so I’d like to think that has impacted my personal style too. Although I’m no sustainability warrior - I’ve got a long way to go!

Do you feel any pressure when it comes to styling, working in radio?

For radio shows, 100% no! That's why I love radio. The phrase "face for radio" I feel was made for me - no one has to see you! Most Sunday nights, I roll into the studio in jogging bottoms, fluffy socks, an oversized hoodie and trainers!

When I first started the show back in January, I'd try to get dressed up and do my make-up every week, but I've got enough selfies now for the rest of my life! So, I can go in my cosiest, non-styled swag. Yet when it comes to on-screen presenting, that’s a whole different ball game, I’ll spend AGES selecting about 10 different outfits, then on-set have at least four different options with me. So, the pressure for styling when it comes to TV or radio presenting literally feels like polar opposite extremes!

There’s great power in a great pair of shoes, whether that’s a limited-edition statement trainer or a pair of lace-up Orinoco boots - defo a way to turn heads while ensuring I’m cosy!

Kamilla sitting on a sofa at an event
Kamilla smiling at the camera at a radio studio
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Kamilla with headphones on