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Buying Wellies for Toddlers and Babies: A Guide

With our good old British weather, you never quite know when you’re going to need a pair of wellies. Rain can catch you by surprise and can creep out of nowhere (even on the brightest day in the middle of summer) so it’s always a good idea to have your trusty pair of wellies on standby.

While wellies are popular with all ages, there’s no one who will make better use out of a pair of wellies than a toddler. This is the age where a change in weather is exciting; rain is for dancing in, puddles are for splashing in, and there’s absolutely no such thing as ‘too muddy.’

So with that being said, buying wellies for your toddler is always a good idea. But which wellies are best for kids, and how do you choose the right pair? Read on to find out!

How to choose wellies for babies and toddlers

We all know what it’s like to be out on a muddy walk with a toddler. No matter how many times you say “don’t step in that” or “stay away from the mud!”, the cheeky little rascals just can’t seem to help themselves. In fact, we’re pretty sure that it’s a toddler’s mission to get as mucky as possible!

Buying them a pair of their very own toddler wellies will allow them to splash to their heart’s content, without you having to worry about them spoiling their shoes. Now muddy puddles can be enjoyed Peppa Pig style!

Tiny toes are delicate, and when searching for the right pair of wellies, comfort is key. The perfect pair of wellies will not only fit comfortably but will also be made well, with a nice thick sole that can grip well to the slippery, muddy ground. Let the puddle splashing commence!

Are wellies bad for toddlers’ feet?

As a caring parent, the last thing you want is to put your little one in a pair of shoes that are going to hurt them! Thankfully, a good fitting pair of wellies is never going to cause harm to little feet — so long as your little one doesn’t insist on spending every hour of the day in them!

Should you buy wellies a size bigger?

More often than not, wellies follow the same sizing as regular footwear, so you don’t have to buy them a size up! Even if you’re planning on your little one wearing their wellies with some thick, cosy socks, stick to the same size in wellies so that their feet will be best supported. The last thing you want is for their feet to be sliding around inside their wellies on their mucky adventure!

Toddler wellies

Also known as first walker wellies, toddler pull-on wellies come in a range of fabulous colours, styles and designs to suit your little one’s preferences. Some shoes can be quite fiddly for little fingers, but since most wellies can be pulled on and off, you’re saved the hassle of fiddling about with Velcro or buckles.

With their brand new pair of wellies, your little adventurer will be able to do what they do best: play to their heart’s content. And since wellies are waterproof and easy to clean, you’ll never have to say the words “stay away from the mud” again!

Our babies’ wellies come in bold and beautiful colours, and are perfect for keeping tiny toes warm and dry no matter the season. For more tips on the best shoes for your little ones, take a look at our favourite school boots.