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As now. As always. Our icons remain true to our craft, our heritage and our inspirations. Their distinctive silhouettes set them apart. So too do details and construction techniques that combine craftsmanship and innovation in equal measure.


Even as we celebrate its 70th anniversary, the Desert Boot remains as instantly recognisable today as it was back in 1950 - because every last detail remains true to that revolutionary pioneer. It’s this versatility, this authenticity, that defines it as a true classic. Because, while the colours may change, the design will always remain the same - timeless, iconic, original.


Defined by simplicity, the Wallabee’s authentic moccasin construction and signature crepe soles make it a counter-cultural classic today – almost 50 years since it was first worn by revolutionaries and free-thinkers.


The famous Desert Trek was first created in 1972. Originally known as ‘Six Toes’, the Trek’s unusual foot shape was crafted round the innovative Nature form last. Featuring the classic 'Trek Man' emblem and distinctive central butt seam from the first pair, it endures as a design classic unaltered for more than 40 years.