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How to choose the perfect bridesmaid shoes

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses and accessories, the options are endless ̶ and when choosing bridesmaid shoes, it’s key to bear in mind that each of your bridesmaids is unique. They’ll have different foot shapes and sizes, different abilities when it comes to walking in heels and possibly their own preferences when it comes to style and colour.

Your bridesmaids are likely to be spending a lot of time on their feet at your wedding, so comfort and style are equally important.

There’s a lot to take into account when shopping for bridesmaid shoes, which is why it pays to start early, do your research and even involve your bridesmaids to make sure each and every one of them is happy.

Read on for advice on choosing the perfect bridesmaid shoes that your entire bridal party will love.

Should bridesmaids wear the same shoes?

If your bridesmaids are in matching dresses and you want a cohesive, uniform look, then you may be able to find a pair that suits them all ̶ however, don’t feel pressured to do so. Even if your bridesmaids wear matching dresses, you could opt for bridesmaid shoes in the same colour but in a variety of styles ̶ one bridesmaid may be in open-toe heels, another in pumps and another in wedges. Not only will this add interest to the overall look, but you might be more likely to please everyone this way, too.

If your wedding will have a quirky and unique feel, then the mix-and-match approach lends itself perfectly. You could even experiment with different colours in the same style.

What colour shoes should bridesmaids wear?

Have a think about hues that you love, the colour of the dresses and your wedding’s overall colour scheme.

Nude bridesmaid shoes are always popular as they complement so many other colours. Gold and silver bridesmaid shoes are a versatile choice too and will add a touch of glitz to your bridesmaids’ outfits. If the dresses are simple, in a muted palette, you could even go for a brighter accent colour for the shoes.

Your bridesmaids might also appreciate it if you pick pairs in colours that can be worn on other occasions, so they can get more wear out of the shoes after the wedding.

What colour shoes to wear with a navy bridesmaid dress

A navy bridesmaid dress works well with a range of shoe colours, including nude, gold, silver and even black. Ivory or white bridesmaid shoes also look great with a navy dress during summer months.

What colour shoes to wear with a purple bridesmaid dress

This depends on the shade of purple you’re working with. A pale purple bridesmaid dress looks beautiful with a pale, cooler-toned pair of shoes such as white or silver. A dark purple bridesmaid dress works well with a warmer-toned pair of shoes, like gold, black or even a vibrant pink or orange.

What colour shoes to wear with a burgundy bridesmaid dress

The deep and rich hues of a burgundy bridesmaid dress pair perfectly with black or gold shoes for a luxurious look. Nude shoes also complement burgundy and can help to lighten and soften the overall effect.

What colour shoes to wear with a blush bridesmaid dress

A blush-hued bridesmaid dress lends itself best to pale and pretty shoes. Try to find a pair in a similar shade of blush, or otherwise choose an ivory, white, silver or rose gold shoe.

What type of shoes should bridesmaids wear?

Your bridesmaids are likely to be on their feet a lot at your wedding, especially if they have specific duties to attend to, so comfort is key. Look for shoes with added cushioning and consider choosing mid-heel or flat bridesmaid shoes to avoid sore feet. If you do opt for a heel, then wedges, block heels or kitten heels will provide extra support for your bridesmaids’ feet.

Some of your bridesmaids may be between shoe sizes or have wider or narrower feet, so it’s important to find the right fit. We offer whole and half sizes and a range of widths, so that you can find the perfect fit for every bridesmaid

When deciding on the type of shoe your bridesmaids will be wearing, think about the season, the weather and the venue. If photoshoots are going to involve walking on wet and muddy terrain, it might be wise to avoid slim heels, and if you’re having a winter wedding, closed-toe shoes are the best choice to shield feet from the cold.

Explore our full collection of bridesmaid shoes or take a look at our advice for choosing the perfect wedding shoes.