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How to wear flat wedding shoes

Your big day’s approaching and you’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams, but choosing what shoes to wear on your wedding day often leaves brides in a predicament. While your wedding day is a magical experience, it can also be exhausting – especially if you’re wearing heels.

But gone are the days of heels being the only option; flat wedding shoes are increasingly popular, and there’s no need to worry about sacrificing style for comfort as there are plenty of beautiful types to choose from. Read on for tips on how to find the best flat bridal shoes for your nuptials, whether it’s a formal, semi-formal or casual affair.

Can you wear flats on your wedding day?

Of course. Given how essential comfort is on your special day, flat wedding shoes are a natural choice. You’ll be on your feet for the majority of the day, from walking down the aisle to greeting your guests and dancing the night away. The last thing you want is to spend your wedding hobbling in heels that are giving you blisters and sore feet, so choosing comfortable wedding shoes is key.

If you’re worried that flats won’t look as elegant as heels, you’ll be surprised to find how many sophisticated, wedding-friendly styles there are to choose from that’ll look just as refined. You could give your bridesmaids the option to wear flats too, so you can all truly enjoy the big day.

Clarks Women’s Pure Tone Ballet

What to consider when choosing flat bridal shoes

Your dress length and colour

If you’re opting for a classic long white dress on your big day, your shoes will be relatively concealed, so you have extra flexibility when choosing your shoes. Ballet pumps are a good option, like our classic Pure Ballet in white, as they’re comfortable, simple and easy to pair with almost all dress styles.

Consider the style of your dress – whether it’s heavily embellished and what fabric it’s made of, for example If your gown is satin, you may want to opt for satin ballet pumps too, or if your dress features diamanté and lace detailing, flat bridal shoes with a touch of toe sparkle will enhance your dress effortlessly.

If your dress is an off-white, cream, ivory or similar hue, try to colour match as closely as possible by carrying a photo of your dress in natural lighting with you. You can then refer to it when you’re out shopping for shoes to get the best match possible – or bring a swatch along with you if your dress boutique can provide one.

Bring a pair of flats with you to dress fittings (even if they’re not your exact bridal shoes) as this will help you get your dress length just right – and avoid tripping over it on the big day!

Your venue

Keep your choice of venue in mind when picking out your footwear. For outdoor ceremonies on grass, cobbles or the beach, flat shoes are ideal to keep you stable and prevent any stumbles or sinking in these terrains. For warmer summer ceremonies, flat slingback sandals are a great option to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day – we recommend the Laina15 Sling. For weddings in the colder months, try a sophisticated closed-in pair like our Pure Flat buckle shoes in white leather.

Clarks Laina 55 Sling Heels in Stone Metallic Leather

How long will your ceremony and celebrations last?

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, and it often begins exceptionally early with bridal preparation, and ends late after you and your guests are partied-out. It pays to choose comfortable wedding shoes with cushioned soles and plenty of give around your heel to prevent aching feet and blisters. It might also be a good idea for your bridesmaids to keep blister plasters and gel cushions to hand just in case any of you need them by the end of the day.

Break them in

Any shoes – yes, even trusty flats – can be a little uncomfortable when they’re brand new and haven’t been worn before. Be sure to wear your wedding shoes for several hours a day for a few days prior to your wedding – this will loosen the fabric around any initially tight areas and help you get a feel for if they need any additional cushioning in the sole or by the balls of your feet. Find out more about how to break in new shoes.

Explore our full range of wedding shoes and find the perfect pair for your big day.