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For The World Ahead

To change the world of tomorrow, we need to move forward today. And this season, two incredible individuals are making their voices heard to shape a brighter future – bringing the wisdom of an unwavering legend and the vision of a new icon to our
 Clarks collective.

Join Nile Rodgers and Beabadoobee as they champion authentic connection, self-expression, and a kindness and generosity both to ourselves and to others. Originators and innovators, stepping up to build a better society for the world ahead.

Have confidence in yourself and your opinions

Beabadoobee Singer and Songwriter

Connection – with yourself, with others. It’s a source of possibility and wonder for Beabadoobee. The critically acclaimed Filipino musician’s refreshingly frank, relatable bedroom pop inspires and comforts her countless fans – and represents future opportunities for Asian girls, the way that discovering incredible Asian women artists opened up Beabadoobee’s own world.

From adjusting to London life at a predominantly white school to the whirlwind of playing to huge stadium audiences, it’s by trusting herself that Beabadoobee faces challenges and new experiences – sharing that self-love and belief with those around her. Join Beabadoobee as she talks all things confidence when it comes to taking on the world ahead.

My motto is: I look back, but I don't stare

Nile Rodgers Songwriter, Producer and Artist

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee, songwriter, producer, guitarist, debonair man about town – and now, ‘Clarks dude’ – it’s tough to define the unique spirit and unparalleled musical influence of the one-and-only Nile Rodgers! From chart-smashing hits with CHIC, Madonna and David Bowie to cutting-edge collaborations with Daft Punk and Beyoncé, Nile’s worked with the biggest and best in the music industry for over five decades – pushing boundaries and expanding our horizons to create music that speaks to generations, over and over.

Brought up to believe in kindness and love, Nile is shaping a better world ahead by aligning with marginalised groups – from the LGBTQ+ community with his music to founding the We Are Family Foundation, a charity that promotes cultural diversity and nurtures the talents and ideas of young people globally who are positively changing the world.

The perfect partner for our change-championing Clarks collective, Nile chats to us about his incredible career and philanthropy – sharing everything from his stand-out on-stage experiences to what his distinctive style means to him, and the spiritual rewards of helping to transform people’s lives.