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Our Better Leather JourneyLeather & Sustainability

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We are fully responsible for the journey of our leather. We only use by-product leather from the food industry, which would otherwise end up as waste, and our suppliers must follow our stringent environmental, animal welfare and supply chain policies. We’re working to improve the transparency of our supply chain, making sure we’re holding our suppliers – and ourselves – accountable.

The Benefits Of Leather

Made To Last

No material delivers durability and longevity quite like leather. Leather shoes are an investment – and buying less, but better, helps to lighten our environmental impact. Easy to care for and repair, leather also ages beautifully, so shoes can improve over time.


Our customers deserve reliable comfort. As a natural material, leather allows skin to breathe, as well as shaping to feet for the most individual, feel-good fit and feel.

Clarks leather and sustainability

The global multistakeholder, Leather Working Group (LWG), is a member-led non-profit organisation that is dedicated to driving excellence in the leather industry, minimising the environmental impact of leather production, and challenging industry perceptions, through a suite of tools and ESG certification.

Clarks is a founding member of the Leather Working Group. We are committed to supporting responsible leather manufacturing across the globe, which is why we are proud members of the LWG.

Leather Working Group