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Batcombe lord in a dark tan leather side on view


Pioneering Shoe Makers Since 1825

We've been industry pioneers ever since Cyrus and James Clark used sheepskin off-cuts to make slippers in the shadow of Glastonbury's ancient Tor. Ceaselessly creating the decades since have been spent pushing the boundaries of showmaking and craftsmanship.

close up of batcombe lord's laces
close up of batcombe lord's laces

Our Brand Attributes

Because we know how important the little things really are. That's why we've spent the last 170 years making sure kids feet have everything they need to stay happy and healthy. Specialists in foot development, we were the first brand to give growing toes the space they need to develop, inventing half sizes and width fittings, and supporting them from their very first step.

Fashions come and fashions go, but we're Clarks and we stand apart. Then. Now. Always.

A New Direction

Our founders were visionaries, and we've always felt a resonsibility to stay true to their values. That's why we'll only ever be about one thing - shoes. Our shoes. THey symbolise who we are. They define us. They're what we do best.

So, our future is clear - we'll continue to make iconic shoes, that last. We'll nurture and celebrate our innate and isatiable curiosity so that we can create in new, more exiting, more sustainable ways. Now and long into the future.

close up of batcombe lord's laces

The future of your franchise.

  • Professional Partnership

    Support Franchisees in the delivery of their stores, people and business to represent the Brand in their location. Be able to supply accurate financial data to analyse and drive the business.

  • Dedicated Clarks Franchise Team

    A commited Franchise Team working within Clarks to help you deliver excellence in your stores and be your voice back into the centre.

  • Clarks desire to grow Franchise

    An aspiration to grow the current Franchise store network by enabling franchisees to acquire new store opportunities as well as investing in the upgrade and refit of the current portfolio.

  • Growth 2021 & Beyond

    In 2021, 10 new Franchise store locations opened across the UK. Work continues to identify fallow Clarks locations where no store or wholesale customer trades to further enable the Franchise Network to grow.

  • Grow your portfolio

    We have an aspiration for you to be a part of this growth plan. To be able to start with one or two stores within your portfolio, and grow, where there is potential in your geography.