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Clarks First Shoes

Growing feet in safe hands

Behind every little explorer who believes they can do anything is a parent who believed first. And when adventures get bigger, and your little one seems a little less little, rest assured that their growing feet will always be in safe hands with Clarks, every extraordinary step. Promise.


From the special milestone of seeing them crawl to your little one’s determination to climb to their feet. Our pre-walking shoes are designed to support every shuffle and wobble as your little one journeys towards those first brave steps.


Your baby will start walking whenever they’re ready – and when they do, be prepared to chase the little rascals everywhere! Our walking shoes help little ones move as naturally as possible.

How feet grow

Feet at this stage are precious, not to mention super cute. The bones in your baby’s feet are soft and have not fully formed, so perfectly fitting shoes that allow feet to grow and develop naturally will never be more important than now.

Step 1 - Crawling

Once they’re sitting, babies use their hands for balance until their legs are strong enough to propel them along in a crawl, or they may shuffle along on their bum or slide along on their tummy instead.

Step 2 - Cruising

As your little explorer’s legs get stronger, they’ll start to stand, using the furniture or your hands for support as they side-step around the room.

Step 3 - Walking

Every toddler learns to walk in their own time, usually between nine and 18 months old. Whatever age they start, don’t worry – they’ve got this! And they’ll soon get the hang of it.

200 Years of Expertise

We've spent almost 200 years meticulously studying growing feet, but it's not just our history that makes us experts. We work with specialists in biomechanics at Salford University to ensure that our First Shoes are scientifically proven to nurture every stage of development, from bum shuffling and crawling to those brave first steps.

Capture their firsts with Clarks

They grow up so fast! From their first steps to their first day of school, capture their magical milestone moments and turn them into treasured memories with our Instagram filter.

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