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Roller Bright and Noodle Play stacked on top of another.
Happy photo of a family smiling at the camera with their son wearing Noodle Play.
Growing in safe hands | Clarks First Shoes

Growing feet in safe hands

Joyful, messy, emotional, wonderful - at Clarks, we know parenting is quite a journey! So, the least we can do is take care of your child’s precious feet and support you and your little human every step of the way.

We’ve spent almost 200 years perfecting a First Shoes collection that nurtures every stage of your child’s foot development – from their first crawl or shuffle to those unforgettable wobbly strides! And today, we work closely with experts at the University of Salford to study children’s biomechanics and how footwear impacts walking – making sure our shoes are always one step ahead, to give you complete peace of mind.

From the softest materials and minimal, flexible constructions to the lightest soles, our shoes give only the necessary support that growing feet need to move happily, healthily and freely at every stage – whether they’re bum shuffling across the kitchen floor or pulling themselves up with the help of furniture! Giving you one less thing to worry about, so you can cherish every moment and focus on their world ahead.


A crawling baby wearing Roller Bright
Candid photo of a dad holding his baby while smiling and laughing
Top and side view of Roller Bright on a patterned pink background

From the special milestone of seeing them crawl to your little one’s determination to climb to their feet, our pre-walking shoes are designed to nurture your little human’s natural progression as they journey towards those first brave steps. Supporting every shuffle and wobble, our lightweight pre-walking shoes have thin, flexible soles that let tiny toes move freely and help them feel the ground for stability.


Side and sole view of Noodle Play
Baby boy smiling while walking
Baby boy opening a pair a new shoes with his parents around him.

Your baby will start walking whenever they’re ready – and when they do, be prepared to chase the little rascals everywhere! First steps can often mean stiff legs and their arms sticking out in front of them. So, our walking shoes help little ones move as naturally as possible, with soft yet durable leathers that feel comfy against skin, padded collars that support their ankles, and flexi, grippy soles to help steady every step.

First Shoes Instagram filter with a photo of Alaia crawling
First Shoes Instagram filter with a photo of Junior standing
First Shoes Instagram filter with a photo of Lola standing and smiling at the camera
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Capture their First...

Buying your little one's first pair of shoes is a big milestone for you and them. It's when you realise that your baby is no longer a baby; they're a toddler! And we’re here to help you celebrate it all. Whether they’re crawling or taking their very first steps, make every moment a memory with our new Instagram filter.