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Breathable Shoes and Trainers

Whether it’s naturally breathable materials, technical membranes and meshes or Active Air™ technology, our breathable shoes help to keep your feet cool and comfortable day in, day out.

What are breathable shoes?

Breathable shoes contain fabrics and technologies that allow heat to escape, helping to regulate the temperature of your feet.

Breathability is particularly beneficial in warmer seasons and climates, and those with athletic lifestyles will find breathable trainers and breathable walking shoes especially useful, helping to keep your feet well-ventilated no matter the activity.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet at work, breathable work shoes will help to keep you cool and comfortable so that you can get on with your work without the distraction of sweaty feet.

What causes feet to sweat in shoes?

There are many reasons why your feet might sweat in shoes, but wearing shoes that are too tight or made of synthetic fabrics that aren’t breathable is the most common culprit, as both of these factors can prevent sweat from evaporating off of your skin.

Excessive sweating is a common foot condition, and not only can it be uncomfortable in the moment, it can also exacerbate other issues such as athlete’s foot, nail fungus and bad odour. If you suffer with sweaty feet, it’s worth getting yourself a pair of breathable shoes.

What are the best breathable shoes?

Shoes made from natural materials like leather, suede, nubuck and canvas are best for sweaty feet as these fabrics are naturally breathable, unlike many synthetic fabrics, and shoes designed with specific breathable technologies are even better. Our breathable shoes tick all the boxes.

Our breathable technologies

Active Air™

What is Active Air™

Unique to Clarks, Active Air™ is the first shoe technology to harness the power of air. Underfoot, air-filled pods hidden in the heel help to pump and circulate air, delivering maximum breathability, exceptional cushioning and unbeatable comfort.

Combined with state-of-the-art materials and specialist construction, our Active Air™ shoes cushion feet and ventilate them by silently drawing fresh air in from outside and circulating it around the foot for an all-day fresh feeling.