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Ratings & Reviwes

Where to find product reviews

Product reviews are displayed on individual product details pages. You can get to them by selecting the star rating icon at the top of the page, or scrolling to the bottom of the page where they are located just above the site footer.

How to write a product review

Find the product that you want to leave a review on through the site search or navigation. Alternatively, you can click-through from the Review email you will receive if you are signed up to our newsletters.

Scroll to the reviews section at the bottom of the product details page. Select to Write a Review. Be sure to follow the guidelines to give your review the best chance of being published for other customers to read.

Guidelines for writing a review

  • Keep your review focused on the product

  • Avoid mentioning customer service. Contact Us instead if you have an issue that needs attention

  • Avoid mentioning competitors/other brands and the specific price you paid for the product

  • Do not include any personally identifiable information, such as full names

Ratings & Reviews FAQs